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Student Council


Student Council is a student-elected and student-led organization involved in providing a means for student voice, assistance in school activities, opportunities for student leadership growth, and communication between students, faculty, and the school and local communities.


2019-2020 Student Council Executive Board



Tyge Thomas




(8th grade position)

  • Facilitates all meetings; prepare a weekly agenda; appoint new committees and nominate committee chairmen; cooperate with faculty advisors & administration
  • Has a positive and enthusiastic attitude; is a good role model
  • Comfortable speaking in front of large groups of students and/or adults
  • Represent the student body at school meetings, rallies, and other community events

Vice President


Chase Minter



 (7th or 8th grade position)

  • Acts in absence of President; 
  • Coordinator of committees; report progress of committees to council
  • Has a positive and enthusiastic attitude; is a good role model
  • Collaborates well with others; is cooperative & can delegate
  • Represent the student body at school meetings, rallies, and other community events




Darcy Tucker



(8th grade position)

  • Become familiar with Parliamentary procedures;  peacekeeper at meetings; help meetings run smoothly, clearly and with focus
  • Make council aware of parliamentary procedures;  hold others accountable for running meetings according to proper etiquette
  • Has a positive and enthusiastic attitude; is a good role model


Communications Director


Trevor Dunne


Communications Officer (7th or 8th grader)

  • Responsible for communicating to the community, school and staff
  • Presents updates to periodic faculty meetings
  • Organize publicity for meetings and events
  • Maintain all correspondences for Student Council to outside parties, including students, staff, project coordinators, and the community
  • Represent the student body at meetings, rallies, and other student events
  • Has a positive and enthusiastic attitude; is a good role model
  • Excellent communication skills; organized



Charlie Almeida



(7th or 8th grade position)

  • Coordinate the preparation of an annual budget
  • Maintain all financial records - communicate records to Council
  • Coordinate fund-raising projects (Assisted by Student Council Advisor)
  • Has a positive and enthusiastic attitude; is a good role model; organized



Anthony Kulp



(7th or 8th grade position)

  • Maintain meeting attendance & records of minutes for each meeting & reports of each committee 
  • Document meeting agendas
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Has a positive and enthusiastic attitude; is a good role model

Team Representatives


  F Team  
Claire Blewett Sam Burke Sally Elsen
Catherine Glavin Avery Marcantuno Jack Phillips
  Cherry Wu  


D Team E Team
Fiona Avondolio Deepti Halthore
CC Morrison Eddie Smith
Amir Syed Hope West



A Team B Team C Team
Timmy Brown Reid Cassidy Tucker Carroll
Casey Costello Anshul Kollur John Reichert



Organize school events/activities/projects; Help each student maximize educational growth and development; Develop a sense of personal responsibility and self-respect



Provide a forum for honestly reflecting and interpreting student concerns, opinions, interests and desires; Communicate between staff and students to utilize the ideas and support of students in solving relevant school problemsCommunicate purposes, activities, and other positive elements of school life through mass media to the community



Spark school loyalty, pride, and individual student development & community within our school; Model & promote school PRIDE values



Facilitate 1-2 large school-wide meaningful, purpose-oriented activities, which are significant in the life of the school community

How can Student Council help you?

Student Voice

The Student Council wants to hear your feedback! Share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with us.  We will check your feedback weekly and address it at our meetings. 

Please click here to submit feedback. 


For Teachers

Student Council wants to help you fund your project, event, or activity! 

Complete this Google Form to request funds from Student Council.

We will view each proposal as they are submitted and vote at our meetings on Fridays.  Requests submitted after Wednesday will be presented to Council in the following week.

Community Activities

Community Service & Activities


November 23, 2019 Patton students showed up at UHS for Mini-THON, hosted by the UHS U-THON club to benefit pediatric cancer research and the Four Diamonds Foundation.

Mini-THON reveal

2019 Mini-Thon reveal

Interested in Joining?


In September of each school year, students will campaign for Executive Board positions of President, Vice President, Parliamentarian, Communications Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Candidates are elected into office upon a majority vote from the student body. 

Eighth graders may run for all offices, while seventh graders may run only for the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, Communications Officer & Secretary. Sixth graders are only eligible for Team Representatives.

Access an Executive Board application here!

Once the Executive Board is established, students can campaign for Team Representative positions. Each grade will contribute six students to the Student Council as Team Representatives. 

Access a Team Rep application here!