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Thank you for visiting the Charles F. Patton Middle School website. I am honored to serve as the Principal of this fantastic school.

If your child is not enrolled at the Charles F .Patton Middle School, then I invite you to give us a call. We would like nothing more than to talk to you about our school and the incredible activities, services and top-notch instructional programs that we offer at CFPMS.

If your child is currently enrolled at CFPMS, then we want you to know that we’re glad you are here! You make our school better, and we want this to be the best year yet for your child, and for you!

At CFPMS we are committed to providing our students a rigorous academic program with necessary supports. We are also committed to providing a safe learning environment where students can take risks, stretch themselves, and undergo failure, while also feeling the joys of achieving goals, making growth, learning from mistakes and reaching the unimaginable.

At CFPMS our vision is to create a school that teaches kids to love school! We believe we can do this and we have identified four pillars to uphold our vision. First, we are intentional about balancing high achievement with helping our students develop positive, supportive relationships. We are committed to helping our students find their purpose, identify their talents and work toward a cause that is greater than themselves. At CFPMS we believe that academic rigor coincides with creativity and fun!

Second, we seize every opportunity to facilitate anything that removes angst. Frustration, nervousness, stress and even conflict can be positive forces in the life of a young adolescent. However, when these influences become out of balance, they can cause angst and fear. At CFPMS we are continually looking for strategies, techniques, and opportunities to equip our students with the skills they need to keep these influences in check. We remind our students that they don’t need permission to be amazing and that they should never let fear prevent them from achieving their dreams.

Third, we vow to stay focused on our vision and remind ourselves that it’s not about us, it’s about the individual students in our classrooms. Our students are our priority!They have been entrusted to our care, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Finally, we recognize that parents are a vital part of the educational process. We need our parents to be informed, included and on board to help us achieve our vision. We strive to make the parent experience at CFPMS as positive as possible.We know that middle school students experience a multitude of changes, both physically and emotionally. They want to be independent, but they also need guidance from their parents and their teachers. We endeavor to find that delicate balance between appropriate parental involvement and student independence, knowing that this balance is paramount to the success of each student during their time at CFPMS.

We are proud of our school, and we believe in our vision to create a school that teaches kids to love school. We’re committed to facilitating anything that removes angst, keeping our focus on our students, striking a balance between academic rigor and student well being, and keeping parents informed and involved.

We also believe that the best is yet to come, GO HAWKS!


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Steve Dissinger - Principal