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Hybrid Learning



Hybrid Bell Schedule

  • Similar schedule to our normal bell schedule
  • Eliminating lunch minimizes the opportunity for COVID spread
  • Provides office hours each day where students can meet with teachers to ask questions and get help
  • Early dismissal reduces screen time for students
  • Students will remote in for live, synchronous instruction when they are home
  • Students will continue to have flexibility regarding coming in for in-person instruction or staying home to for live, synchronous instruction
  • Click here for a printable version of our new schedule.
  • Click here for our 2-Hour Delay Schedule

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What Are Office Hours?

Students can use Office Hours to:

  • Ask a question
  • Complete current or missing work while on Zoom during the office hour (so if a question comes up, the teacher is right there to help)
  • Review for a quiz/test with a teacher (can also invite a friend or two to join in for the review)
  • Review what was missed after an absence (Ex: sick, Dr’s appt., music lesson)
  • Ask for a teacher to take a look/provide feedback on your work (ex: writing piece/essay/TDA/project/ quiz)
  • Review grades with a teacher
  • Discuss missing work and map out a plan with a teacher
  • Fill-in the School Planner with a teacher
  • Map out a timeline for a long-term project with a teacher
  • Ask for additional practice work/opportunities
  • Ask for enrichment opportunities 
  • Have a book chat with your ELA teachers

Why Virtual Wednesday?

  • Provides students with flexibility in when they complete their work that day
  • Adds synchronous time to Advisory for SEL activities and relationship-building
  • Schedules time for office hours in am and pm
  • Provides time for targeted intervention/enrichment groups
  • Allows for performance groups, activities, and clubs to meet
  • Creates professional development and planning time for teachers

Tech Support

Staying Safe Together Videos

Student Expectations

Hybrid learning will include the following essential elements:

  • Students must wear a mask while in school as well as on the school bus.
  • Students must bring their Chromebook to school in its protective case. Chromebooks must be charged each night each night. Chargers should not be brought to school.
  • Students will have synchronous classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students will be expected to attend each class and participate. Attendance will be taken every period. Synchronous Advisory will take place every Wednesday.
  • Students at home should work in an appropriate,  distraction-free location and dress in school-appropriate attire.


Will students follow the A-F cycle day schedule?
Students will still follow the A-F cycle day schedule but we will no longer use the Purple and Gold day designations.

How will class sizes be monitored?
Class sizes will be determined based on hybrid groups and large classes will be identified. When classes exceed capacity, students will be identified to go to the learning center (Library) for that class.

Will students be expected to log on to Zoom during study halls?
Yes, students will be expected to log in to Zoom at the start of their study hall for check-in purposes. At that time students may be excused to complete work. However, the study hall teacher will remain on Zoom to provide help as needed.