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Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

UCFSD is committed to providing a safe, positive educational experience for all students.

The board recognizes that bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, detracts from the environment necessary for student learning, and creates the possibility of additional serious incidents.

The Board prohibits bullying by District students in a school setting or outside a school setting, as defined in Policy No. 249.

Report incidents of bullying to your child's school counselor or administrator.

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District Bullying policies and forms

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is a district wide program designed to prevent, or reduce bullying throughout the school setting. The multi-component approach involves individuals, classrooms, entire schools, as well as parents and communities, to successfully address bullying in schools.

Program Goals

  • To reduce existing bullying behaviors
  • To prevent the development of new bullying behavior
  • To foster the development of teacher and peers relations at school.

National Program Outcomes

  • Fifty percent or more reductions in student reports of being bullied and bullying others. Peer and teacher ratings of bullying problems have yielded similar results.
  • Significant reductions in student reports of general antisocial behavior such as school bullying, vandalism, school violence, fighting, theft, and truancy.
  • Significant improvements in the classroom social climate as reflected in students' reports of improved order and discipline,
  • Increase in positive social relationships, and more positive attitudes toward schoolwork and school.
  • Greater support for students who are bullied, and stronger, more effective interventions for students who bully.

How does this program look at Patton Middle School?

  • Monday Morning Meetings- Every other Monday the Advisory teacher meets with their groups for an extended morning meeting. During these meetings several topics are discussed including: respect, leadership, bullying, cyberbullying, inter-relational bullying, good character and teamwork.
  • All reports of bullying are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.
  • All staff members are trained to intervene when they witness, or hear about a bullying situation.