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Heritage Day

The Patton Counseling Department is excited to host our annual Heritage Day each November. Heritage Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to embrace the different countries and cultures that are represented in our school community. This day-long program is presented to the 6th grade class by 7th and 8th grade students who are willing to volunteer their time.  

Throughout the day, the 6th grade students rotate among three different areas: 

  1. Exhibits - student-created displays which might include posters, pictures, flags, cultural symbols, music, clothing, and more.
  2. Showcase - students and/or adults showcasing cultural garments, music, and dance in our auditorium.
  3. My Story - students and/or adults sharing their personal stories of immigrating to the United States from another country.

In addition, the 6th grade students will be exploring their own cultural heritage and learning about other world cultures through games and other fun activities. Finally, the entire school body will come together at the end of the day in the gym for a performance by Chosen Dance Company who will entertain and educate our students about the history of Hip Hop. Heritage Day is a fun and enlightening experience for all at Patton Middle School!