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Math Madness is an online, team-based event that takes place in the Fall. And Patton is in the final bracket round with three members in the top 10!! Read more here.

Math Madness is an online, team-based event that takes place during the Fall in which elementary, middle and high schools from across the country compete in leagues of weekly competition followed by a single elimination bracket tournament. Charles F. Patton has participated in this event for several years under the leadership of Mary Jo Knauer. This year we participated in 5 preliminary rounds and went into the elimination bracket in 1st place.

The team consists of approximately 45 students from grades 6 - 8 along with a 4th grader currently enrolled in math at CFPMS who participate weekly as their schedules allow.  Points are accumulated individually on the top 5 players of each round.  These players have varied throughout the rounds, as Patton Middle School has so many talented students. Our team of students has continued to thrive, winning each of the first 3 bracket rounds.  Our win on Thursday, December 12, 2019 placed us in the final bracket round.  It was a very close match as the opposing team accumulated points at a faster rate, but ended with a score of 39 - Patton was able to score 40 points with 6 minutes to spare. Currently, 3 of the team members are ranked in the top ten:

The final playoff match, for 1st place nationally, will be held the week of December 16th.

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