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For Parents

Here you will find helpful links to important websites as well as many other resources that Patton parents use every day.

To get more news like the stories scrolling on this page, check out the Patton News page or follow @PattonHawks on Facebook and Twitter! And make sure you are signed up for the weekly Hawk News email and other district newsletters and alerts via SwiftK12 in PowerSchool!

Patton did extremely well last year in the American Scholastic Challenge. The team of Katie Connolly, Cassandra Davis, Rebecca Connelly and Jonathan Wang were the National Gold Medalists winners for 6th grade. The team of Liam Church, Thomas Gibson, Arjun Suryawanshi and Shivam Maheshwari were the National Silver Medalists winners for 8th grade. Liam was the 8th grade State Champion and Katie was named 6th grade National Champion. #PattonProud

MathCounts competition registration is open now, so registration for practice meetings is also open! Please email MathCounts coach Wei Cao at if you are interested in joining Mathcounts or have any questions before September 24th. 

Are you interested in joining chorus, band or orchestra this year? Please fill out this google form if you would like to join one of these music ensembles and you were not enrolled last year. If you were enrolled last year then you are automatically enrolled again this year and you do not need to fill out the form. We are excited to have you!