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Pennsylvania State Law requires all persons under 17 years of age to attend school full-time and assigns responsibility for regular attendance upon the parents of the student.

Here are a few reminders from the main office about student attendance:

  • The school needs a written note, or email to explaining why your child was absent from school within three days of the absence (not just a phone call)
  • Students must be in their Advisory classroom by 8:00 AM, or they will be marked tardy.
  • The school also needs a note or email when a student is tardy to school.
  • Please refer to 204 on the district website for more information about student attendance.

The only absences approved by the school are:

  1. Verified illness
  2. Medical, dental or Optometrical services
  3. Family trip approved prior to the dates of absence, and under adult supervision
    *One trip per year not to exceed 10 school days per UCFSD Policy
  4. Quarantine by health officers
  5. Bereavement
  6. Court summons by warrant
  7. Religious holidays

Such excuses should be dated, signed by parent or guardian, and should state definitely the exact day(s) and/or period(s) the student was absent and the reason for absence. Absence from school with the parent's knowledge for baby-sitting, family illness, or any reason other than those listed above, will normally be considered unapproved absences. Habitual unauthorized absence can result in legal action with required court appearances by the offender and parents. When a student is found to be truant from school, the parent will be contacted and informed of the truancy.

Procedure for Excusing Absences

A student returning to school following an absence must present a valid excuse note.

A student with more than 10 unexcused and excused absences will be required to submit a doctor's note for additional absences.

No student will be allowed to make up work missed or due on a day of an illegal or unexcused absence. Students will receive a ZERO for any work missed in class on a day of an illegal or unexcused absence. Students will be given the number of days excused absent to make up work missed; i.e. if absent two days, two days will be given to make up work upon return.

Procedure for Excusing Lateness

In the event a student is late in arriving to school, the student must report to the Attendance Counter in the Main Office and sign in. A student must submit an excuse note no later than the following day or discipline will be assigned.

A student with more than 10 latenesses will be required to submit a doctor's note for all additional latenesses. Students who are sent home due to illness during the school day are not permitted to return to school for the remainder of the school day, as well as afternoon or evening activities and sports.


Charles F. Patton Middle School is in session from 8:00 AM to 2:43 PM. Good attendance is important for success in the Middle School. If a student is absent from school for any reason, a written excuse must be brought to school no later than three days after returning to classes; otherwise, the absence will be considered illegal. Excuses should be turned into the advisory teacher. When the 8th absence occurs, a warning letter will be sent home. A doctor’s note or school nurse’s examination will be required to excuse any additional absences.

Excused Tardy

Illness - with a note from a parent or doctor. A doctor note may be required.

Appointments - with a note from the office involved (i.e. dental or medical, legal or other professional appointment) or a parent.

In order to participate in any after school activity, the student must be in school with a written excuse by 11:25 AM.

Unexcused Tardy

If a student is late for school for a reason other than illness or a medical/dental appointment it will be considered as an unexcused tardy. The consequences for unexcused tardies:

3 tardies - warning
4 tardies - 1 regular detention
5 tardies - 1 extended detention
6 tardies - Saturday detention
7+ tardies - parent conference and/or suspension


Please use the cafeteria side of the school when dropping off your child. If dropping off high school students first, please drop off middle school students at the main entrance of CFPMS. Students arriving from 7:25 AM - 7:50 AM are required to go immediately to the cafeterias. Students may use this time to study, socialize with friends, or purchase food from the cafeteria. Food and drinks are not allowed out of the cafeteria. Students will be dismissed at 7:25 AM to go to their lockers and Advisory period.


Students leaving before the end of the school day must have a note from home stating the reason for the early dismissal. This note must be brought to the office before 8:10 AM or faxed to the office at 610/347-0421. All students must report to and remain in the office until an adult signs them out. When picking up students, parents should enter the school office through the main entrance. It is the student’s responsibility to report to the office at the designated time. Announcements for students to report to the office will not be made.


If a family is planning to take a family trip while school is in session, they must contact the middle school principal in writing five school days prior to the trip. The principal will grant or deny an excused absence. She/he will also review the student’s academic record. Such trips are limited to one (1) per school year and shall not exceed ten (10) school days. The student is responsible for requesting make-up work due to a family trip or vacation. Family trips exceeding the (10) school days will not be approved. A student taking a family trip exceeding ten (10) school days will be withdrawn from the school rolls and truancy charges may be filed if the parents have not made alternative educational provisions approved by the principal.

Assignments will be collected for those students who will be absent for 3 or more days and who have submitted a trip form signed by all of their teachers to the main office.