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Get More Math


Since the beginning of the year, our math teachers have been piloting a supplemental online math program titled Get More Math, (GMM). Our math teachers have been very pleased with this program because it is relevant to their daily instruction, it is individualized to each students math needs,  and it is easily accessible via our student Chromebooks.

Get More Math provides cumulative practice sessions uniquely tailored to each student's needs, supporting mastery of new skills and long-term retention. GMM is a hyper-intelligent teacher’s aid that creates daily personalized assignments. Math Skill Retention Every math teacher knows it is hard to help students to learn a new skill, but even harder to make sure it sticks. Will a student retain new concepts next week — or next year?

Get More Math is designed by a math teacher to ensure that the answer is: yes! GMM builds math practice sessions for each student that include both new material and thorough review of old concepts and skills. 

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