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Student Led Conferences

Every November, Patton Middle School teachers and students hold Student Led Conference Days. Student Led Conferences is a significant event that has existed at Patton Middle School for many years. The SLC provides a unique opportunity for students to share with parents about their learning experiences in a dedicated time and space with their teachers present.

SLCs represent a shift in how student progress and performance is reported to parents from the traditional, teacher-led parent conferences that you would have experienced at your child’s elementary school, to a more student-centered, student-driven parent conference. SLCs aim to increase student engagement and ownership in learning and in how progress in learning is documented and reported out to parents. SLCs also strive to increase student responsibility and accountability for learning through the process of reflection and goal setting. 

With the guidance of their teachers and in alignment with our Portrait of a Graduate, students will curate evidence showcasing their learning journey, encompassing goal setting and reflections. This curated collection will be organized and proudly presented to their parents during the Student Led Conference.  Although the conference is student-driven, at least one teacher will be present to assist and support the student and their parents. Multiple teachers will often drop in at the conference to check in, and all teachers will be nearby and accessible to assist with subject-specific questions.