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Career Day

Patton Middle School hosted a Career Day on Friday for the 7th grade students.  In the morning, students attended a Career Fair with 43 presenters, representing all sixteen career cluster areas.  Our students interacted with the presenters by asking them questions about their career paths, education and training, required job skills, and how their “7th grade selves” relate to what they do now. In the afternoon, the students attended a panel discussion with seven panelists who shared more in-depth information about their career journeys as well as thoughts and advice for the students. The day was informative and inspiring!  Thank you to all of our wonderful Career Day presenters and panelists! And a special shout out to 7th Grade Counselor Mrs. Malone for organizing and planning this special day!

Career Day 2023

Thanks to All of Our Career Day Presenters!

Mr. Michael Kane - Media Executive
Ms. Christa Fazio - Director of Communications
Dr. Victoria Baratta - School Board Director
Mrs. Erin Talbert - School Board Director
Ms. Kay Ireland - Global Education Advisor
Mrs. Alexa Hessenauer - School Counselor
Mr. Tyler Arkatin - Chief of Staff, State Representative Sappey
Ms. Sari Shanken - Constituent Advocate, U.S. Representative Houlihan
Ms. Jillian Malone - Digital Fundraising
Ms. Anna Platz - Digital Marketing
Ms. Morgan Fuller - Web Designer
Mr. Arnie Klingenberg - Shipping & Logistics
Mr. Bearge Miller - Engineer/Business Owner
Ms. Gretchen Scheidly - Chief Compliance Officer
Ms. Divya Desai - Internal Auditor/Data Analyst
Mr. Chris Kotes - Sr. Business Consultant
Ms. Hong Qiu - Head of Data Science/AI
Mr. Frank Ou - Research Chemist
Mr. Neeraj Batta - Engineer/Business Owner
Dr. Weiying Gao - Electrical Engineer
Mrs. Kelly Mayo - Clinical Research Director

Mr. Joshua Papp - Biopharmaceutical Scientist
Mr. Michael Shank - Golf Professional
Ms. Tracy Sisson - Hospitality, Operations Manager
Ms. Tessa Woffard - Baker & Business Owner
Ms. Ellie Norris - Hair Stylist
Mrs. Carly Greaves - Registered Nurse
Mrs. Madeline Johnson - Physical Therapist
Mrs. Amy Baram - Physical Therapist
Mrs. Melissa Stabler - Dietician
Dr. James Gustainis - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Tpr. Michael Carter - PA State Police Trooper
Mr. Steve Nuse - Firefighter/EMT
Ms. Gabrielle Ratliff - Firefighter/EMT
Ms. Molly Buckley - Service Dog Trainer
Ms. Carol Kane - Horticulturist

Mrs. Kathy Amdrzejewski - Horticulturist
Mr. Daniel Bryer - Architect
Mr. Jeremy Spisak - Woodworker
Mr. Jack Moriarty - Fire Protection Contractor
Mr. Franklin Reber - Professor, PA College of Technology
Mrs. Tina Murphy - Interior Designer
Mr. Brendan Murphy - U.S. Navy Pilot Captain

Q&A Panelists

Terry Malone -  College Football Coach
Brendan Murphy - Retired Navy Pilot
Christin Kubacke - Attorney/Lawyer
Weiying Gao - Electrical Engineer

George Crowley - Middle School Teacher 
Chris Adams - Principal Security Consultant
Hong Qui - Head of Marketing Data Science
Gabby Ratliff - Firefighter/EMT