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Battle of the Books Middle Level

Patton is excited to announce an epic Battle of the Books starting in September 2021.  Students will vote for their favorite books in a March Madness style competition.  There will be two divisions for the Battle of the Books. The first will be of middle level books, which are books typically written for a fourth-seventh grade audience.  The second will be for young adult books, which are typically written for an audience of seventh grade and above. Parents are encouraged to preview the books in each bracket and help their students make decisions about what books to read. The books on each bracket were selected by middle school teachers who were asked, "What books do you think all middle school students should read?"  We are hoping to have students read as many books on the bracket(s) as possible, so they can make well informed decisions when they vote in the fall.  Please click on the bracket below, then click on a book in that bracket to open a screen with advertisements, direct links to audio and ebooks, as well as a means for putting print books on hold.  Get ready, Patton for The Battle of the Books!!!!!