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Patton News & Announcements

We just received notification that Patton Middle School did extremely well last year in the American Scholastic Challenge. The Team of Katie Connolly, Cassandra Davis, Rebecca Connelly and Jonathan Wang were the National Gold Medalists winners for 6th grade. The team of Liam Church, Thomas Gibson, Arjun Suryawanshi and Shivam Maheshwari were the National Silver Medalists winners for 8th grade. Individually, Liam Church was the 8th grade State Champion and Katie Connolly was named the 6th grade National Champion. We are Patton Proud of these students!

We hope everything is going well for you and your families. As you may have heard, Rohan Kapoor along with Rohan Potla and Kushal Garg are currently teaching a math camp run by Mrs. Wei Cao. In light of this, they have decided to turn this passion for teaching into something more.

They are planning to start a teaching/tutoring service where they will teach math, science, and social studies. All 3 of them will teach the students in a group setting on zoom. They have all the lessons planned out and are currently working on them. They have created a website for this as well; here is the link. The cost will now be free for each course, which consists of 6 sessions about a topic. In addition to the website, they have created a google form sign-up sheet, linked here. Hopefully, you guys will check this out and if you are interested, please consider signing up, sign-ups end on July 21st so make sure to sign up soon

To give you a brief overview of what the lesson will be like, all 3 of them will come to every lesson and teach. There will be optional homework after every lesson. They will also go over questions about homework if needed. There will also be a pre and post-test to see how many of the concepts you were able to grasp. Every lesson will contain a slideshow with all the information that you need to know, they will share that slideshow with you after every lesson, and then after we go through the slides we will have a Kahoot to give you a fun way to practice the skills or information you learned.

Even from home, Patton's 6th grade Knowledge Bowl Teams rocked it Friday! Katie Connolly, Rebecca Connolly, Cassie Davis & Julia Ran took 1st place while the team of Collin Hu, Jonny Wang, Anthony Jiang & Will Chambers took 2nd! Congrats to all who participated! #PattonProud

Here are the students that participated in the events this week: 

Patton A - Katie Connolly, Rebecca Connolly, Cassie Davis, Julia Ran - 1st Place, 6th grade contest
Patton B - Collin Hu, Jonny Wang, Anthony Jiang, Will Chambers - 2nd place, 6th grade contest
Patton 1 - Anand Shah, Rohan Gandhi, Grant DeWilde - tied for 7th place in 7/8th grade comp.
Patton 2 - Charles Fan, Ian Gushurst, Will Neuberger
Patton 3 - Thomas Gibson, Shivam Maheshwari, Ismaeel Qureshi - tied for 7th in 7/8th grade comp.
Patton 4 - Arjun Suryawanshi, Kushal Garg - 5th place in 7th/8th grade competition
Patton 5 - Alena Zhang, Morgan Chapman, Liam Church and Noori Choudary (6th) 
Patton 6 - Ishita Saxena, Reese Budicak, Julianna Dong, (6th) Sophie Li (6th)

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