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Patton News & Announcements

Congratulations to our Outstanding Artist Award Winners for the 2017-2018 school Year!

Grade 6
Carmen Almonte
Rohan Kapoor
Lily Sweatman
Courtney Keller
Alex Peno
Hadley Levinson
Andrew Hricko
Morgan Chapman
Tague Davis
Julia Carobressi
Thomas Baker
Amulya Buddha

Patton Planner Contest Back Cover Design Winners: Matthew Kurkewicz and Sophie Rissmiller.

Grade 7
Olivia Riggs
Murielle Sherman
Hunter Stack
Phyllis Wan
Chris Reyes-Lopez
Lily Cunane
Elaine Thompson
Jillian Murphy
Joey Brun
Maddie Day
Anna Homsey
Liam Caldwell

Patton Planner Contest Front Cover Design Winner: Alyssa Bucci
Patton Postcard Contest Design Winner: Sanvi Prasad

Grade 8
Jessica Hall
Mia Yost-Kelly
Aurelius Craig
Josie Tucker
Andrew Garrison
Juliann Muntz
Ben Reardon
Lily Robitzer
Austin Courtney
Emma Martin

Art After School Helpers: Gwynette Chytla and Cassie Earl

Our 8th graders had a wonderful night at Friday's Celebration! A BIG THANK YOU to 8th Grade EOY Celebration Committee:  Lynda Nadin, Jen Hall, Lisa Brown, Michele Klingenberg and Nancy Jones.  All the kids had a great time and it was the perfect way to send the kids off to High School! Didn't get a chance to go or get a t-shirt??  Extra t-shirts will be for sale for $10. And thank you once again to the always-awesome Bill Tsai for the wonderful photo memories!

Attention Music Students and Parents:

This announcement is intended for those people going on the music trip to Hershey Park. This Saturday (June 9th) is the rain date for last week’s trip. The time frame of the day is identical to what it would have been last Saturday. We plan on going no matter if the forecasts call for rain or not this weekend. The only way we do not go is if the weather calls for “dangerous” conditions. There is no other rain date option which is why we are making this decision at this time.

A few things to note with this Saturday’s trip:

1. Please be prepared for inclement weather. Bring the appropriate clothing for the day knowing that rain is in the forecast. Hopefully, any rain we get will be brief and the day will then be filled with many rides knowing that other park goers may stay home waiting for a brighter day.

2. There have been many people who cannot go on the trip since the rain date was needed. Those people will need to see me on Monday after the trip to receive their ticket back. Tickets can be used later on this year.

3. VERY IMPORTANT - With many students not able to go, there is a good chance that some groups may have 3 students instead of our normal 4 students per group rule. The music teachers and the Patton administration are ok with this change to the rule due to the weather/schedule situation we are in. All students and parents have Mr. O’Rourke’s cell number and we have their’s in case any emergencies arise.

If you have any questions at this time, please email Mr. O’Rourke at today.

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